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Restaurants near the Anaheim Convention Center?

We’ve got you covered.

The Anaheim Convention Center

The Anaheim Convention Center is the largest convention center on the West Coast of the United States, hosting concerts, receptions, exhibitions, meetings and more. Before or after attending an event at the Anaheim Convention Center, there’s no doubt you’ll be in search of somewhere to eat! Follow along the street lined with palm trees and convention hotels, and there FiRE + iCE awaits. Among the selection of Anaheim Convention Center Restaurants, FiRE + iCE is one that accommodates all appetites and party sizes, as well as provides an entertaining, interactive grill experience.


Create-your-own meal experience

What other Anaheim restaurants encourage you to customize your meal exactly how you want it? Take a stroll through our diverse market, select your own fresh ingredients, and watch talented grill cooks prepare your meal right in front of your eyes. Unsure what you’re in the mood for? FiRE + iCE has something to spark your appetite. Our all-you-can eat concept gives you the option to go up for more! Fill it up. Flavor up. Grill it up. Enjoy. This is how our interactive grill works!

Pre/post event hot spot

Whether you’re attending the Anaheim Convention Center for a concert, reception, exhibition or meeting, planning where to go before or after to celebrate or relax is a big decision. There’s not many restaurants near Anaheim Convention Center that offer a fun and entertaining dining experience quite like FiRE + iCE. Enjoy a lively atmosphere inside by the grill and dining area! Or, relax on our outdoor patio and sip on a drink from our fully-stocked bar. Our multiple dining spaces are suited to different parties needs, occasions, and moods!

Picky eaters welcome

While the Anaheim Convention Center accommodates almost any event, FiRE + iCE accommodates any appetite! FiRE + iCE offers an assortment of ingredients, sauces, toppings, and meal possibilities for any and all cravings. What other Anaheim Convention Center Restaurants offer a range of flavor options such as Asian, American, Latin, and Italian flavors? Here, picky eaters are welcome encouraged.