Welcome to FiRE + iCE!

No matter what you’re celebrating, we’re celebrating with you. Our interactive all-you-can-eat experience allows every guest to chef up a creative masterpiece: choosing from our endless array of ingredients, sauces, and toppings, and bringing their dish to life at our open flame grill!Whether it’s a family outing, group get-together, or fun date night, here at the grill we have something for all to enjoy. Now let’s party: FiRE + iCE style!

With Locations in Anaheim, Boston, South Lake Tahoe + Soon San Fransico, we’re here to Feed Your Fun!

How it Works…


Fill it Up


Flavor Up


Grill it Up




Twenty years ago, we had a vision to create an entirely new food experience. An idea that would offer more options for outstanding food in an environment everyone could enjoy. Today, that vision is FiRE + iCE. As we continue on our path to provide extraordinary service, a new vision has materialized. This vision is to bring FiRE + iCE to every city and share that incredible experience with everyone. We are inviting you to be a part of that experience! Together, let’s continue this vision and bring smiles to the faces in your community.