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When in the Anaheim Gardenwalk…

Your entertainment destination.

That’s the Anaheim Gardenwalk motto, and as one of the main Anaheim Gardenwalk restaurants, we can’t help but agree! For over ten years, the Anaheim Gardenwalk has been proudly known by tourists and residents alike as the primary outdoor entertainment and shopping center located a block from Disneyland Resort! Here at FiRE + iCE, we love being neighbors to the many other entertainment destinations, including the House of Blues Anaheim and Disneyland!

view of the best brunch in anaheim restaurant from ground level at sunset

Eat, explore, repeat.

Let’s face it, making your way through the GardenWalk can be overwhelming because of the amount of Anaheim restaurants.  After a day of shopping, your family may be at the “hangry”* stage and fighting over Mexican or Italian. Craving some Italian? We’ve got it. Dreaming of tacos? Create-your-own Latin dish. Looking for something Asian inspired? Check! Of all the Anaheim Gardenwalk restaurants, FiRE + iCE is the only spot that will give everyone the power to create-their-own meal and satisfy all cravings! 

*Hangry (n) – The insatiable feeling of hunger that will not be satisfied. When your Hulk mode comes out, and all you can think about is  everything you COULD be eating.  Yeah, we’ve been there…

The magic never ends.

Dreaming up your own creations and bringing them to life in front of an open grill allows us to consider ourselves one of the most magical restaurants near Disneyland! Head to the market, load up your bowl, and crowd around as our grill cooks bring it to life with FiRE! After a day at the park, be sure to visit us as you explore Anaheim Gardenwalk restaurants!

Make a Reservation!

Ready, set, rock.

Whether you’re a die-hard country fan, or won’t touch anything without an epic drum solo, there is a show for every musical preference at the House of Blues Anaheim! As our next-door neighbors, here at FiRE + iCE we’re lucky that we can always listen! And, don’t you know the unspoken rule? Never rock on an empty stomach. Join us before the show and let us feed your fun!