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FiRE + iCE Boston Renovation

Keep the fun times rolling

At FiRE + iCE Boston, we’ve been serving up something incredible and unexpected for the last 20 years, and good news: we’re not stopping now!

From November 14th through December 1st, we’ll be working hard behind the scenes to bring a fresh, exciting new look to our upstairs dining area. We’re sorry that we need to hit pause for a second, but we know that when you see our hot new look, you’ll agree: it was worth the wait. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our sweet downstairs bar and grab a glass or two of a favorite.


Skip the line. Taking Reservations starting 12/1/19

FiRE and iCE Boston Renovation
FiRE and iCE Boston Renovation


Skip the Line!

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