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10 Things To Do in Boston Under $10

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Every summer I face the same inner moral conflict, am I making the most of this summer? I know I must not be alone in this quest, and the pressure is on when friends around you have booked their summer’s up with weekend getaways, concerts, camping trips, etc. but for me, I’ll be stuck in the city. Still working, still wondering HOW in the world can I make these summer days worthwhile without breaking the bank?

Being in Boston can be pricey, as we all know, and what’s better than free…. The closest thing to free, right?! Well, with a little digging I’ve found 10 Things To Do In Boston Under $10

1) Sam Adam’s Brewery

What’s better than a free tour around our local favorite, Sam Adam’s Brewery. Starting at 10 A.M., tours will depart every 45 minutes and last about 1 hour. On the tour you will learn about the brand’s history, and special process that goes into brewing Samuel Adam’s Beer. Of course this tour includes tasting their award winning beers and receiving a complimentary beer glass…

Check out the tour here!

2) For our Star Gazers….

Don’t have the time, or the money to go camping with friends? Gaze up at the stars and learn about astronomy at Boston University’s Coit Observatory. View the night sky through binoculars and telescopes and you’ll see things that you wouldn’t be able to see, especially in the city. One of my favorite ways to wind down and take a breather. Wednesday nights starting at 8:30 P.M., free.

Learn more and snag your tickets here!

3) Movies at the Hatch Shell

Pack a picnic and head over to the Hatch Shell on Friday nights at sunset and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an outdoor movie playing. This is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday and spare your wallet the heartache of a night out in the city…

Find the free Friday flicks here!

4) Lawn on D

Are you wondering what this could possibly be?? Backyard fun, magnified. The Lawn on D is a great place to visit during the day or night, my favorite time to go has to be nighttime because of the HUGE glow in the dark swings they have all throughout the lawn.  They also have all our favorite backyard games like Ping-Pong, corn-hole, jenga, bocce ball. Lawn on D also has balls for playing catch, Frisbees and sometimes-live music, but you might have to check their schedule for that.

Find out more and check out their calendar here!

5) Castle Island

Castle Island takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and takes you back into history. This 15-acre walking area along the water is a beautiful place to take a breather for a while. Castle Island is also home to one of the oldest forts in Massachusetts, Fort Independence that defended Boston in the Revolutionary War.  Join the daily 3 P.M. tours to enhance your knowledge on Boston history.

Learn more about this best kept secret of Boston here!

6) Swan Boat Rides

The Public Garden was always one of my favorite places to relax, people watch, and watch the swan boats glide by.  Only as of recently have I discovered that those swan boat rides cost a whopping $3.50, I always thought this was an inflated tourist attraction. But cruise around the Public Garden lagoon as the driver pedals you around and pretend you’re one.

Plan your swan venture here!

7) Rent-a-bike

Rent a bike from Hubway, where you can find stations all throughout Boston. Ride along the Charles River Esplanade or cruise around and do your errands for the day for $6… much cheaper than any cab service in Boston and you’re exercising!!

Find out Where to Ride this month here!

8) Taza Chocolate Tour

You don’t need a golden ticket to go on this chocolate factory tour… just $6. Take the Taza Chocolate Tour for a sweet little getaway this summer and for sample chocolates and also learn how my favorite chocolates are made. There’s no feeling guilty for this sweet trip either, $1 of every ticket goes to local charities. Balance people!!!

Learn more about this sweet tour here!

9) Museum of Fine Arts

My heart has been set on going to the Museum of Fine Art’s, but I admit, the steep admission price has kept me at bay for awhile now, until I did some research. If you find yourself bored on a Wednesday afternoon, head over to the Museum of Fine Art’s and enjoy the museum for free!! Yes I said, and I can’t believe it either. Take advantage of this special deal folks..

Stay classy and learn more here!

10) Boston Red Sox

Last and certainly not least, these amazing Red Sox tickets. The day of games head over to Fenway ticket office and you’ll find Standing Room tickets for only $9…. Ridiculous right?! Bring your student ID for this deal. What’s a summer in Boston without a Red Sox game?!?

Score a home-run by snagging some tickets here!

So there you have it folks, 10 Things To Do In Boston Under $10. Here’s hoping your summer is everything you wished it would be, Bostonians.

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