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Hefty to Healthy Eating in Anaheim

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Well folks, here we are.  The school year is wrapping up, and that means we’ve got entire days to be spent at the beach just around the corner. The other day I was thinking about how nice it would be to hit the beach again, without the stress of school to worry about… when I happened to glance at my reflection. No need to beat around the bush here people, I look paler than paper and scrawny as can be. I’m not terribly self-conscious but I sure wouldn’t mind looking fit this summer. For those of you who are in a similar boat and looking to adjust your weight and perhaps get a little healthier in the process, I have some tips that have worked for me.

The first step is eating consciously. I have found that I will sometimes eat junk food without thought in front of the TV, or even keep eating food on my plate long after I am full. Eating consciously means slowing yourself down if you are a fast eater like me. Take a bite, put down the fork and enjoy the food before you take another bite. This way you are giving your brain enough time to send signals to your stomach.

You will find that you are more mindful about the kinds of food you eat once you are eating consciously. I am not suggesting that you have to cut a single thing out of your diet (I know I didn’t). I am suggesting, however, that you adjust your portions so that you are eating less fatty foods and particularly less processed sugars. Cutting down on empty calories like soda and overall junk food and replacing them with naturally sweet snacks like fresh fruits will make your stomach and waistline happy!

Your current eating habits aren’t totally bad if you’re more careful when you’re eating healthy restaurant food. While some of us do love our carbs and some of us love our sweets, a bit of my advice would be to visit healthy restaurants in Anaheim. Consider some personal rules for yourself.  Perhaps you won’t eat in front of the television anymore, because you’ll constantly be eating at healthy restaurants. Try not to push yourself to clear the plate, like I used to.  Maybe exercise can fit into your new healthy lifestyle while you’re consistently going out to eat.  Most importantly, we all know that substituting food can be tough at first, but eventually this will turn into a positive habit.

It’s worth a try. It will be a challenge, but only positive results can come from eating healthy restaurant food.  Nobody wants to keep looking into the mirror and feeling unhappy.  Also, nobody wants to feel unhealthy, especially when summertime comes along. Here’s one last tip: Wake up every morning and eat a balanced breakfast to kick off your day. That way, you can make guilt-free, healthy restaurant food choices for your lunch or dinner. Be proud of yourself when you’re full without finishing the plate. Stay mindful of your actions, be sure to visit healthy restaurants in Anaheim and know your eating limits. Don’t ever go back to old habits, and you’ll be just fine.

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