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FeverFest 2010

 In Miscellaneous

Lets face it, we’ve all been to the movies and out to eat a million times.  Well, maybe  not exactly a million, but enough that we’re starting to look for something…well, something different to entertain us.

Finding fun, new and exciting actives to do can be a little challenging, especially when you’re  not sure what it is you’re looking for.  Here’s my two cents: don’t be picky when searching for new things to do.  Rather, choose something you thought you might never do. Who knows, you may discover a hidden passion or hobby.

For instance, maybe you’d be interested in going to something like…FeverFest 2010.  Starting Saturday August 14th, The Factory Theater in Boston is presenting FeverFest 2010, an event where five local companies and artists get together and display their own interpretations of this years theme “Let Off Dreaming.”

This year, the FeverFest line up includes artist such as, Rich OrloffBad Habit Productions; Silvia GrazianoFort Point Theater Channel; Stacey Lane, GAN-É™-meed Theatre Project and Lynda Robinson.

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