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Activity of the Summer: Blob Launching

 In Miscellaneous

Oh, the joy of summertime – short shorts, golden tans, warm nights and you know, the occasional blob launching.  Yes, you read that correctly. Blob launching.

Recently I heard about  blob launching, which is a very unique water activity that involves a huge blob, two people and jumping. Simple enough, right?

Basically, to engage in blob launching, all you need is a blob – which is a giant plastic bag filled with air – and place it in water (be cautious of where you plan to put the blob and make sure you are completely surrounded by water).  Then you sit on the blob and have another person (or two) climb up a tower and jump onto the other end of the blob, sending  you flying high into the air and into the water.  What I love most about blob launching is watching other people getting blob launched.  It’s an absolutely hysterical sight to see!

So before the summer is over and all the blobs have gone away, get to a lake and prepare to have a fun filled, sight seeing day composed of blob launching!

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