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Scavenger Hunt From Your Cell

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We’re pretty much all familiar with the classic scavenger hunt game, right? To play, all  you have to do is gather a few friends, create a couple of teams and then seek to gather a number of specific items on a list, in which each team usually gets credit by taking a picture. Simple.

Now take that oh so classic game and tailor it to fit your business……and play it from your cell phone. Yes, your cell phone.

Traditional scavenger hunt is an entertaining game, but now with new technology and social media integration, people don’t even have to get out of bed to be entertained (I’m liking this already).

Creator Seth Priebatsch took this into consideration when he created SCVNGR.com,  an innovative game about going places, doing challenges and earning points….right from your cell phone.  That’s right. Scavenger hunt from your cell phone –  what will they think of next?

SCVNGR.com allows businesses to build their own scavenger hunt tailored to their business. Amazing, huh? This is such an awesome way to get people interested in your company.

There have already been 550 institutions in 44 states and countries who have built on SCVNGR.com.  This is almost like a glorified Four Square.

Your company could be next! We suggest you check it out. http://www.scvngr.com/

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