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So Much Boston, So Little Time…and a Whole Lotta Bridesmaids!

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So it’s almost wedding season, and let’s talk honestly here: we’re all dealing with some seriously beautiful bridezillas…bridezillas that want that perfect Bachelorette Party Boston flair. For those of you who have taken the honorable title of being the maid of honor, this, we’re sure, is no easy task. The word “task” almost doesn’t do the job justice—in all honesty, a sliiightly stressful opportunity may be a more fitting term. So many thoughts have to come into play: Does she want the what-happens-at-the-bachelorette-party-stays-at-the-bachelorette-party theme? What if she wants something more mellow, just to spend time with the girls? Does she even want to drink!? With an abundance of decisions to be made, this blog can (and will!) de-stress your party-planning selves!

Starting at FiRE+iCE is a no-brainer, perfect way to get a Bachelorette Party Boston started…but what else will Boston hold for the remainder of the night? For the rowdier bunch, Liquor Store will be ready for you—mechanical bull and all! If your crew is looking for something a little more grand: a fist-pumping worthy night at Royale could be your alternate destination (and is totally the perfect excuse to dress as extravagantly as you want). Still unsure? For the elite bride-to-be, Emerald would be a great lounge to splurge at.

As for those of you that may not want to dabble with drinks, check out the Blue Man Group! It’s an experience like nothing else, and certainly worth the money. Not to mention, it is definitely an activity that would please a wide range of age groups in the party, so maybe the younger sisters can join along with the fun as well! Still want some different excitement? Reserve a night at Gypsy Rose Dancing for an exhilarating time!! With no age restrictions and a location less than ¼ mile from our grill, its sure to help make your night uniquely AWESOME.

Bottom line: what better city to host a great bachelorette party than a Bachelorette Party Boston style?! Easy transportation, good eats at our grill, and plenty of places to venture to with the girls. What’s your next move?

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