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You Put Limes in What?!?

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Stop thinking about your carbonated beverage. We refuse to list everything you already know lime will be delicious in. If you’re going to read this just to be a know it all you might as well stop here. Chances are you know nothing about what we’re going to be telling you and if you thought you were a limey before, you were sadly mistaken. Ripen up! Because we have a story for you!

Lime can not only soothe a sore throat when mixed with honey, give you clarity of thought, and cure your bad breath it also is delicious in cupcakes, salad, and beans.

Above all lime makes spicy food bearable, and adds a light, sweet zest to your food, and can give a boring dish a total 180 degree change. If you have been craving a season change for the sole purpose of new dinner options but can’t seem to find it on any menu because it’s not quite spring, summer, etc just ask for lime. Although lime wont turn your dish into a fall beef stew or transform your spinach salad with apple, goat cheese and cranberry into an avocado and tortilla salad, it will change the taste tremendously and make the last weeks of cold more bearable for your taste buds begging for change.

Feeling a night of Asian cuisine? Get your hands on a fresh filet of salmon and whisk up a trendy lime-cilantro sauce. Grab a bowl and mix lime juice, soy sauce, sugar, and fresh cilantro for a taste like never before. Or if you’re ditching fish all together and need to get your teeth chomping on something with more substance head to your local grocery store and grab a few racks of spareribs. Make a rub with cinnamon, salt, pepper, and ground cloves with coriander and grill them up! Add a squeeze of lime and your ribs will be a mouthwatering fusion of fall and summer all combined into one delicious, saucy bite!

Latin cuisine is a friend of lime so feel free to finally make that jumbo scallop dish you’ve been craving all year long and add plantains, limes, olive oil, and salt and pepper. As you can probably tell, we’re not asking much here. We only hope to give your pallet something a little more exciting than vanilla ice cream and baked potatoes. We understand you’re bored, and eating light food is more comfortable than a heavy dish because you don’t want to put an extra hour at the gym in. However with a season change on the way, now is the absolute best time to experiment with food and more so, lime. So mix up your favorites with a squeeze of lime on top! Also, don’t forget to accompany your Latin jumbo scallop dish with a drink so tasty, you’ll have to extend your dining time. Add a bottle of Cachaca and muddle lemon, lime and sugar to this white rum for a delicious Caipirinha.

Umm.. we’re not done yet! Don’t think about shifting your eyes yet! We have to cover the best part of lime re-creation: DESSERT! We’re talking key lime pie cup cakes with a wedge of lime tossed in sugar resting on top of your soon-to-be favorite dessert. Don’t forget to eat dinner first!

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