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Where do Black Beans Go??

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Do you ever wonder what the deal is with black beans?  Are they a protein? A vegetable? Some people call them a fruit! Before we discovered their slightly sweet flavor and creamy texture, we were kinda confused. There were so many questions, so few answers. But folks, we realized that the questions don’t really matter, because they’re delicious! And you can add them to literally any meal. Even brunch (keep reading, we’ll tell you how).

Black beans are staples in Central and South American cuisines, so put them in your tacos or mix them with rice add some lime and cilantro. But don’t stop there! Mix them with pineapple, green pepper, chicken and any of our Latin sauces. They bring out the flavor of shrimp, so mix the two up with some Jalapeno Lime sauce, corn and peppers. Love our honey garlic sauce? Pair it with black beans and broccoli. Black beans even go with marinara, so grab some sausage, peppers and onions and you have a creative twist on Italian! Mangia!

If you’re tossing some bacon in your bowl, don’t forget the black beans. Those two are a match made in heaven. Want to try black beans at brunch? Eggs, bacon, black beans, tomatoes and cheese. Trust us, you will thank yourself!

It’s no wonder these awesome little beans have been a staple in Latin diets for thousands of years! And with all their calcium, iron, vitamins, fiber and other good-for-you stuff, they’ve been called a “super food” for weight loss and health. So don’t let confusion about black beans hold you back from deliciousness. No matter what cuisine you’re in the mood for, let our chefs throw some black beans on the grill for you next time you come in!

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