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Eat for life, eat for you.

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Adapting to change can be hard sometimes. It’s a known fact: fast food is bad, so why do people keep eating it? Is it the lack of motivation? Or is it because they don’t think it’s will taste good? Eat for life lets you explore a fresh clean lifestyle.

Taking steps day by day will result in the best progression. First, start with your eating habit. Make it a daily challenge to strive for better options. Farm fresh foods not only make you feel good about yourself but it makes a huge difference for the community. It’s a win- win situation when you’re supporting local farms and get to enjoy their rich produce.

Healthy eating philosophy: natural food can be the base for dishes that are delicious, easy to make, and satisfying. If experimenting with natural foods is not your area of expertise, then start simple. Later on you can get creative with your meals. Farm fresh foods give you a chance to make unique dishes that taste amazing yet guilt free.  Need some inspiration? Check out the neighborhood farmers market. They provide the best seasonal produce which is freshly harvested.  Cold weather is all about those greens. Tender bok choy, crispy lettuce and juicy limes, yes please. Then again warm weather is coming up sooner than you think, and summer means salads. Say you’re more of a classic cucumber and tomatoes kind of person. Think outside the bowl with more summer vegetables. Try some peppers, edamame or add a southwest kick to it with beans and corn. There’s nothing more refreshing than seasonal produce. The best element of farm fresh food is that it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling full and energized.

Watching what you’re eating is only part of the eat for life equation. The other part is staying fit. Make an effort to continuously seek new ways to improve and stay active. Remember to stick to the basics, keep hydrated (that’s a big one), follow an active routine, and make goals. Only then can you perform to your best ability. No matter what it’s like outside there’s always a way to exercise. By the way, yoga is a great relaxing way to experience exercise on a low key level. A favorite go-to when the weather is not ideal. If you’re still losing that motivation, make an effort to give some kind of reward at the end. It’s hard not to make the reward sweet and sugary but if ice cream is a must then try for a better alternative, frozen yogurt. Less fat but a whole lot of love and delight.

We change our eating habits for a valuable future. We eat for life.  As cliché as it may be, it can be a whole new chapter to your life. It will provide you with the extra energy you need to excel at other day to day actives you have going on.  It’s all up to you. Set a goal for yourself now to start exceptional living.  Make mindful choices today, for a better tomorrow.

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