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Hefty to Healthy

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Well folks here we are. The weather is finally getting nicer. Normally I would be celebrating the end of winter, but lets be honest, it really wasn’t that bad. I am happy that we are now a little closer to beach weather and barbeques. The other day I was thinking about how nice it would be to hit the beach again when I happened to glance at my reflection.

No need to beat around the bush here people. I look paler than paper and scrawny as can be. I’m not terribly self-conscious, but I sure wouldn’t mind looking fit this summer. For those of you who are in a similar boat and looking to adjust your weight and perhaps get a little healthier in the process, I have some tips that have worked for me.

The first step is eating consciously. I have found that I will sometimes eat junk food unconsciously in front of the TV or even keep eating food on my plate long after I am full, just because it is sitting in front of me. Eating consciously means slowing yourself down if you are a fast eater like me. So basically, take a bite, put down the fork and enjoy the food before you take another bite. This way you are giving your brain enough time to send signals to your stomach. Over eating can also make you feel lazy and unmotivated after a big meal.

You will find that you are more mindful about the kinds of food you eat once you are eating consciously. I am not suggesting that you have to cut a single thing out of your diet (I know I didn’t). I am suggesting that you adjust your portions so that you are eating less fatty foods and particularly less processed sugars. Cutting down on empty calories like soda and overall junk food and replacing them with naturally sweet snacks like fresh fruits will make your stomach and waistline happy!

By eating consciously and getting more active outside as the weather gets warmer, you will be beach confident in no time!

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