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Round Grills: A Never-Ending Loop of Deliciosity

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Hibachi grills. There are many things about them that irk me, the first one being the shape. Rectangles, who likes those corners anyway? They’re dangerous and awkward looking.

Whenever I go to a hibachi grill I’m always scared for my safety, not because of how they cook the food but because they think they can throw hot food at my face. I’m sorry but I can barely catch a pen when it’s tossed to me, let alone a piece of steak hot off the grill rocketing towards my face.

After a few traumatic experiences at hibachi grills I discovered Mongolian grills.  Yes I’d heard the rumors about Mongolian grilles being cheap mall food but it is most definitely not true. Circle grills are a never-ending loop of deliciosity and fun. I only realized the possibilities that come from Mongolian barbecue when I went on a family dinner to FiRE+iCE 10 years ago. This was the first time I experienced an Americanized version of Mongolian grilling, and for once the Americanized version wasn’t disastrous; it must’ve been the cute chefs making us laugh and teasing us for our ingredients.

Our generation is all about being catered to. We want to feel like every experience we have was made just for us. Luckily, this is precisely what we get when we grab our friends and head down for the famous College Night at FiRE+iCE.

There is nothing bad about piling your bowl up with every combination of ingredients you want. One of my favorites is bowtie pasta, mushrooms, spinach, chicken and of course fajita sauce. When you can stop your mouth from watering you can start calling your friends and plan your next Monday night, aka College Night.

I can’t be the only one sick of craning my neck trying to catch hot food when all I’m really trying to catch is a fun night out. Never mind that finding fun, cheap things to do in college is nearly impossible so it’s either rent or fun. If anyone else is fed up with these too you should try out FiRE+iCE, for a different and fun experience that won’t get you evicted.

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