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Shuffle Your Way to Success

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Have you ever sat down for what you hope to be a productive study session only to realize that the unforgivable has happened? You know what I’m talking about, that awkward moment when you are emptying your backpack/pockets/purse looking for your headphones. How anyone is expected to be productive without his or her music is a mystery to me.

As a fellow music lover, I have always noticed the importance of my iTunes library when getting work done, for FiRE+iCE and for school. At first I just accepted it, and then one day, following a debate with my boss about what genre to play, I decided to look into what music does and why we react the way we do.

It turns out music can impact almost everything it depends on what you want the outcome to be, so I focused on productivity and performance.

One of the biggest speed bumps I hit while working is fatigue, that’s right people we get tired over here at FiRE+iCE! While we normally feed off each other’s ridiculous energy we sometimes need the extra help of music.

Studies have shown that listening to rock music in the background will speed up your recognition of visual such as letters and numbers. When we have research to do for Boss Man, we want to be able to recite stats at the drop of the hat.

We know we are not the only ones that work hard, which is why we work even harder to make FiRE+iCE a place where you can go to relax and forget about the everyday stress.

Upbeat music has been shown to take your mind off what stresses you and makes you a more positive person. On that note, we play happy music in our restaurants to turn you from a Negative Nancy to a Positive Pamela. So go ahead fill your bowl and sing along while you watch the chefs cook and sing with you, who knows, maybe you can even get a sing-a-long to “Party In The USA” going.

Whatever your sing-a-long choice may be, grab favorite karaoke partners and an appetite and come join us. Don’t worry about the playlist; we’ve got that one covered!


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