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Lunch In Boston

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Having Lunch in Boston means one thing, choices. The choices here are endless. The options of cheap-unhealthy-processed fast food verses the over-priced menus of Boston’s Backbay restaurants can become mind boggling. FiRE + iCE Boston is your happy median. Located in the heart of the Back Bay, one of Boston’s most prestigious neighborhoods, FiRE + iCE provides the experience of a great fun and delicious Lunch in Boston.

Lunch at FiRE + iCE Boston is an experience of a lifetime. What better way to enjoy a meal and your money than by having whatever you want.  The FiRE + iCE menu gives you full control to select the ingredients and sauces that will be used to create YOUR perfect meal. Stocked and re-stocked throughout the day. All you have to do is take a bowl and pile it high with whatever you want. Leave the cooking to the experts, the chefs.

What better way to escape the hassles of work than by loosening up the tie, rolling up the sleeves, and stepping away from the computer and phone calls, than enjoying the fun and delicious experience of eating some food.

The FiRE + iCE menu has something for everyone. To help you get started I suggest a local favorite, the Tex Mex fajitas.

Grab a BOWL! Go to the Market and add peppers, mushrooms and onions. Head over to the meat section to add Steak or chicken to your BOWL. Or follow the vegetarian path by skipping the meat and adding some delicious tofu to your selection.

Head over to the sauce station and fill up a sauce cup with our one of kind fajita Sauce. Go to the Grill and watch your Fajitas sizzle. Warm Tortillas will be waiting for you at your table. ENJOY!!!

Now with a full stomach and some extra cash in the pocket and before returning to work or the hotel room, burn off the calories and enjoy the high end fashion and living of Newbury Street.


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