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Silent Disco

 In Miscellaneous

Get ready to dance your a$$ off …in complete silence! Well sort of. Silent disco Boston has created a contemporary dance party, or “Silent Disco”, where you can only hear music if you are wearing special wireless headphones.

Sounds strange huh? Well think about it. How many times have you gone to a bar or club and were totally digging someone across the dance floor and then, when you FINALLY got the chance to chat it up with them, whatever sparks “were” there faded abruptly over the screaming match to exchange first names?

At a Silent Disco all you have to do is remove your headphones (provided at entry) and enjoy a perfectly quiet atmosphere, ideal for talking/listening. And even if your not the type to pick someone up at a dance party, you may just get a kick out of taking off your headphones and watching hundreds of people dance around in complete silence…hmmm now that’s something to envision.

Silent Storm Sound System (provider of Silent Disco’s music) allows two DJ’s to simultaneously transmit music through two different channels, so if you don’t like what one DJ is playing simply change the channel.

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