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Stand Out This Holiday Season

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Holiday spirit is the in the air… and with it comes the cheer, kindness and pure anxiety of Christmas shopping. I have spent countless hours fretting over what gifts I should give to my friends and family. Will they like it? Did I get them the same thing last year? Will they re-gift it to Uncle Bobby again? I hope not…

So this year I am taking a different approach to spreading the holiday love. Homemade gifts allow for more personalization and meaning in the gift giving process. They also just might help relieve the stress on that weary piggy bank of yours. So how do you give a homemade gift that does not seem corny or cheap? First off, think about the person the gift is for. What are they into? What sort of sense of humor do they have? For someone with culinary ambitions, a homemade recipe booklet could be just the thing. For those of you with baking experience, try layering a mason jar with all the dry ingredients for your favorite cookie. Then tie the recipe on with a ribbon. The layered ingredients will look very inviting in the jar, and you can count on the fact that anyone worth a gift likes cookies. If you’re the type whose cooking sends people running for the take out menu, perhaps something more artistic would be a better route.

People love fancy candles. However those brand name candles can be incredibly expensive. Instead of spending your hard earned shekels on fancy candles, make your own. These candles can be fun to make and if the overwhelming success of Yankee Candle Factory is anything to go by, this gift will be well received.

But if all of this creative stuff sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you and you want to give a truly phenomenal, memorable, spectacular gift, there is only one real option: A FiRE +iCE gift card.

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