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Birthday Dinner

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We all look forward to birthdays. They’re a chance to go out, and just enjoy the fact that we made it another year, and what better way than to have a birthday dinner in Boston.

The tricky part about planning birthday festivities in Boston is finding the perfect combination of location, price, and awesomeness. If your looking for a place to start off the night, with some dinner and drinks, near the clubs check out  FiRE + iCE.

This restaurant has an all you can eat concept and high quality drinks. The atmosphere is quirky and lively and the food is cooked in front of you while the chefs entertain you.

Once you’re ready to hit the club scene you don’t have to go far. Some of the best clubs in Boston are within a mile of the restaurant. Rise is around the corner and Royale, Rumor, Venu and Gypsy bar are under a half-mile away.

If those aren’t enough you also have Saint, Felt, Underbar, and Estate. The combinations of fun are endless!

No birthday dinner in Boston is complete without these basic necessities, a restaurant like FiRE + iCE, theres a parking garage near by that doesn’t close, a list of clubs to hit and a group of friends willing to take on this adventure with you. If you have those things, the possibilities are endless and you can let your imagination run wild!


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