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Fun’d Raising

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Money, its what makes the world go round. In the non-profit world we see it as the jumping off point for the kinds of changes that the world needs.  It sounds easy, but the fact of the matter is, fundraising is difficult and sometimes we run out of ideas within our own organizations.

After the bake sales and raffles have been exhausted, we have found that restaurants provide the optimum environment for fundraising.  The new fundraising program at FiRE + iCE allows non-profits to raise money while being in a restaurant that is both delicious and perfect for all ages, thus making your fundraiser irresistible. We’ve had groups raise over $1000 by simply hosting a delicious meal at F+i!

To get started,  visit fire-ice.com/get-fund and select which location you’d like to host your fundraiser at. Download the application and return it to the restaurant. You can drop it off in person, email it, snail mail it or fax it.. we don’t care how you submit you application, so pick the easiest method for you.  Shortly after the application is received, a manager will call you to discuss the event details.

Once you finalize the details with our managers, you’ll receive a marketing flyer to promote your  fundraiser’s date. Now all you have to do is distribute the flyers to all of your supporters to promote your fundraiser. These marketing flyers are how Fire + iCE determines which diners have come to support your cause.  We’ll donate 20% of all proceeds generated by your supporters on your fundraiser date.

Fire + iCE takes care of the cooking and cleaning, you just have to promote your event. Fundraising used to be about car washes and raffling, these tried and true techniques can be productive but can also be boring. If your looking for a new fun(and delicious) idea that makes your cause stand out, check out our Get Fun’d Program.


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