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Boston Marathon running to the front of our minds!

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Just Giving Credit Where It’s Due

A Boston Marathon is unlike any other marathon in the world.  Much like most things in Boston, the Boston Marathon is unique, timeless, and full of history. With the 119th year approaching, this beloved marathon is the oldest city marathon in the world. Just one of many impressing facts related to it.

Paying Respect

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.07.44 PMOf course, we cannot talk about the Boston Marathon without first mentioning the bombings that occurred just three years ago.  A shocking and heartbreaking event, many of us may first think about the bombings when we hear “Boston Marathon.” It
not only effected those in New England, but the heartbreak spread to the rest of the world as well, as seen here at the London Marathon just days later. However, through the resilience of everyone involved, we can remember the day and move forward with time to continue to celebrate the tradition of the Boston Marathon.

It’s a Marathon Like No Other

So, you may be thinking what else is there that makes the Boston Marathon so…special?  While we think there are infinite reasons, here are just a few to start off with:

  • It’s part of the World Marathon Majors series, bringing in elite runners from around the world
  • The community comes together with thousands of volunteers and supporters
  • A difficult course with rolling hills making it nearly impossible to qualify
  • Only a selective group can actually qualify to run


Ever Heard of Heartbreak Hill?

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.16.31 PM


The Boston Marathon isn’t for those that are weak at heart. You may be at sea level; however, the Boston Marathon course is one of the most varied in elevation.  Refer to the diagram on the left to see just how much more difficult it is to run in this marathon.








It Could Be Your Cinderella Story

Picture this: you’re an athlete who’s been training to run marathons your whole life.  You may even have a favorite marathon runner.  You’ve just qualified to run the Boston Marathon, and now you get to run with, or for some of us far behind, the top runners in THE WORLD.  That’s like getting to play guitar with your favorite rock band, or tossing the ball around with a Major League Baseball player. In the world of sports, that never happens.  At the Boston Marathon, you are as much a part of it as the elites.

Become A Part Of It 

If you have never been to Boston, you’re missing out.  Now of course I may be slightly biased, but it really is one of the best cities around! The Boston Marathon is just one example of the love and the passion that surrounds the city.  Join us one day, whether it be as a runner, a medical volunteer, or even as just a fan.  Because here in Boston, everyone is welcome, and everyone is a part of something that is bigger than themselves. And really, how does it get better than that?

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