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Create-An-Ad Contest FINALISTS

 In Miscellaneous

It’s been one long summer (maybe short for some), and the masterminds behind FiRE+iCE have finally chosen two finalists  in the running to win either $1,000 cash or FREE F+I for ONE YEAR with a guest, throw their own launch party at a FiRE+iCE location and FiRE+iCE will use the winners video as a commercial. Suuuhhweeet deal. All of the videos entered in the contest were fantabulous and we thank you all for participating.

However, there is only room for one winner, and after long nights of watching the videos over and over and over again, the two finalists were chosen.

Check out their videos here: Finalist Videos

Thursday, September 23 at 1 p.m. the winner will be announced.  Stay tuned for that drum roll….

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