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Get Creative This Spring Break!

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As Spring break approaches,  with it comes fantasies of perfectly groomed beaches, palm trees, and tropical cocktail fueled debauchery. For some of us though, the only thing breaking on a trip like that would be the bank.

While many young students venture to hot spots in Mexico, such as Acapulco, Cancun and other tropical destinations, between the troubles with the economy and the rising expense of a college education, many students are opting to stick around for this spring break. The only problem is, what are the overworked students of America supposed to do to relax during their break?

Fortunately, I have researched the issue extensively and dug up some pretty good ideas about how to have cheap(er) fun during spring break. The following is not just a list of ideas for fun things to do; it is a plan for how to have a successful, relaxing and fun spring break, all while spending a fraction of the cash you typically would.

The first and most important thing to do is exercise. I know your probably rolling your eyes right now but the worst thing you can do on your spring break is sit around watching Hulu and playing Xbox all day because you will need a little extra motivation to seek out the good times if your going to be sticking around for break. While your being healthy and motivated, you might as well stay on top of any schoolwork that is assigned.

The question is what can be done for fun? One timeless classic you need to do is go bowling. Bowling is cheap way to have endless fun with friends. You may not want to spend your whole break in a bowling alley but it is definitely something you need to do at least once.

On the subject of throwback fun, when was the last time you played laser tag? News flash: It’s still just as fun. This is another good time that needs to be done even if its only once. In fact, try not to spend your days running around the laser tag place because after awhile it may just be creepy.

In case the above-mentioned activities haven’t clued you in yet, the key to enjoying your spring break at home is creativity, and the willingness to try something new. Once you come to terms with the fact that you will not be sipping margaritas on the beach, you can move on with your break and enjoy creative, out of the ordinary fun.


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