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Where is the snow?

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As winter approached, I anxiously dusted off my skis and prepared for the snow. Although the east coast is hardly a Mecca for those looking for quality skiing, there are certainly some acceptable options in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire. The only problem is that as far as that snow goes, I’m still waiting. To accommodate this near snow-less winter, the snow machines have been working over time to lay a skiable foundation before the season ends. Now any skier or snowboarder will be glad to launch into a passionate rant explaining why the artificial snow does not come even close to the real thing. However, for those of us not planning on heading west for the real powder, it looks like we will be stuck with the likes of Loon Mt. , Stowe and Okemo. Even though there are far better slopes to be found, skiing on the east coast still isn’t cheap. A lift ticket alone can cost up to $90 and that’s not even including gas and food. I can practically hear you asking yourself “ Why bother?”

Well it seems that the resorts have asked the same question and come up with an answer. Because of the limited trail availability, many New England Mountains are offering great discounts on lift tickets to entice potential Skiers/boarders.  So while the skiing may be as sub par as the greasy lodge food, cheaper tickets may make it worth your while. I know I’ll be heading up there.

But what about those people with bigger aspirations this ski season? What about those people who are willing to travel for the sake of deep fresh powder, beautiful views and of course, delicious food? What about those who are lucky enough to live out west? Well these folks are in luck. The best skiing in America is out west but with so many options from Utah to California, the questions is: which mountain truly has it all? The temperature is warmer, the mountains are bigger and the snow is deep and powdery-fresh. But what about the most important piece of all? The food. After a long day of shredding the pow pow and spending big money to do it, the last thing I want to do is eat some awful sandwiches with soggy waffle fries. When choosing my après-ski location I want to make sure it has all the bells and whistles. This brings us to the resort that has it all, Heavenly Resort in Lake Tahoe California. Soaring Mountains, check. Glorious vistas, check. Waist deep powder, check. A Freakin Fire and Ice at the bottom of the Mountain, check. Yes, you heard me correctly, a Fire and Ice at the bottom of the Mountain. And you wondered why it was called Heavenly…


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