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Every year right before school starts, we usually make a list of every thing we need, such as shoes, outfits and a new hair cut. You know, all of the back to school necessities (wink).

This year, what you should really invest in is a very sleek and very new EReader. I’m almost positive you have heard of an EReader, but for those who haven’t, an EReader is simply an electronic device designed for digital reading.

I can only imagine what your thinking,” how much is this EReader going to cost me? ”   Well, what’s awesome about the EReader is they come in a variety, which means you can keep your backpack light and your pockets heavy! EReaders start at $120.

Maybe you’ll choose the Amazon Kindle (WiFi) for under $140 or you just might go big or go home and choose the Kindle DX for $379.

Let’s compare the EReader to Amazon’s line of Kindles:

  1. Larger Screen – twice the surface area
  2. Auto-Rotate the screen
  3. Built-in PDF support
  4. 1.9 GB (more available space for storage)
  5. Ability to change the number of words per line (Kindle 2 has something similar – Shift + Alt + number Key – to change space between lines. The latter may or may not be present on KDX)
  6. Perhaps a smoother 5-way controller – a few reviewers (at the Kindle DX news conference) have mentioned this
  7. Keyboard takes less space on the front of the Kindle (Kindle Review)

But the Amazon Kindle is:

  1. Cheaper by $130
  2. Smaller size, which makes it more portable
  3. Higher DPI which might mean better readability (Jakob Nielsen says so)
  4. Keyboard has a row for number keys
  5. With the DX, you can’t use whispersync in PDF files and there are no table of contents – also, you cannot add notes or highlights (I think this is to ensure that students don’t use illegal PDF scans of textbooks) Kindle Review

So whether or not you choose the Amazon Kindle or the Kindle DX, you’ll be able to download your favorite books right to your device, which completely eliminates your end-of-the-day back ache.

You can most likely find EReaders at your local electronic store, such as Staples or Best Buy.  But, make sure  to call – they might be all sold out!

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