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HP Envy 14 is Back in Action

 In Technology Tips

With all the new technology these days it’s become really difficult for consumers to choose which type of cell phone, GPS, digital camera, mp3 player or computer they may want to purchase.

With computers, it seems everywhere you look, more and more people are switching to Apple desktops and laptops. Not only do they have outstanding creditability but they are pretty stylish as well.

In my opinion, everyone needs to broaden their horizons.  Apple has been dominating the tech scene for quite some time now (new iPhone 4, iPods, etc).  However, just recently HP released it’s newest laptop, the Hp Envy 14.  With The HP Envy 14 you’ll find that many of the previous issues that affected the original Envy systems have been addressed.

The new HP Envy 14 is fresh and updated with all of  the concerns that consumers have had.  The new improvements include:

  • Screen and audio
  • HP performance
  • Graphics and battery life
  • Wrap up and software

And hey, it looks awesome too.  The smaller and sleeker  HP Envy 14 is all-aluminum with curved edges and the lid features a subtle swirl pattern.

You may just want to take a peek new HP Envy 14. I promise, it won’t let you down.

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