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What Will They (Apple) Think of Next?

 In Technology Tips

What will they think of next! Really though, Apple never fails to amaze us.  We all, or at least I, thought that the iPhone was the climax of Apple’s success.  Apple sure did prove me wrong.

Over the last 30 years, Apple has made a tremendous contribution to consumer electronics and personal computing, to say the least. Mostly everyone adores Apple products, probably because Apple has been able to find a way to intertwine style, technology, a user-friendly experience, wrap it up and place in on your desktop or in your lap.

It’s become completely impossible to look to your left (or right) and see someone without a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. I’m guilty of having all four and I don’t think I could live without any of them.  I especially couldn’t live without my iPod Touch – I swear  the consumption of Apple products is going to be soon labeled a “real addiction,”  even worse than Facebook.

It seems like every other week Apple is throwing out a “must have” electronic device into the buyers market, which leads me to introduce the new iPod nano (the sixth generation of the iPod nano).  The new iPod Nano has never been smaller! The nano is completely  touch screen and is about the same size as a stamp.  Okay not exactly the same size as a stamp, but in comparison, it’s pretty close – or maybe my eyes are failing me from looking at too many tech products.

Engadget.com states, “Other than that, the new nano is considerably lighter than the previous model, weighing in at roughly 21 grams, whereas the older version clocked in at about 36g. In fact, it’s so light that when using the clip to attach it to a shirt (or in our case, the strap of a bag), you barely notice it hanging there at all.”

To say the least, Apple has once again created a consumer must have, even for the already Macbook, iPhone and iPad consumer.

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