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Stop Searching and Stumble

 In Hot Topics, Technology Tips

The other night I went through my closet and realized that most of my favorite shoes, pants and shirts are ones that I just happened to “stumble upon” while unwillingly ending up at the mall. Let’s face it, searching for clothes, shoes or most things for that matter, can quickly become strenuous and we’re always left buying something we weren’t particularly fond of.

But there are those times your friend drags you to the mall to pick up those pair of shoes she ordered, and it just so happens you stumble upon a breathtaking pair of stilettos that you couldn’t possibly live without. What if you could stumble upon more then just amazing shoes? All the time?

What if you could discover vintage and contemporary art works, secret oases, the newest gadgets, and the top websites for news and trending topics?

I’m sure by now you already know that I’m going to say, you can! With Stumbleupon.com, my absolute favorite site for discovering great websites you are exposed to parts of the internet you didn’t know existed. Not only does Stumbleupon.com allow you to discover some of the best websites on the web it also delivers high quality pages to match your own personal preferences!

Stumbleupon.com offers almost 500 topics that you can use to indicate your interests and preferences so each stumble (by clicking the stumble button) produces the most relevant content. And what’s even better about Stumbleupon.com is that it starts to learn what websites you liked in the past and continues to present you with quality websites (according to your likes and dislikes) for future stumbling.

Stumbleupon.com is so easy to join too.  All you have to do is go to the site, sign-up and start stumbling!

Now you never have to search again. Phew, the hard part is done!


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