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FREE Ice Cream To-Go in Boston!

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Hey friends! We’re doing a check-in deal for the next three weeks. From this day until the end of the month, we’ll be dishing out free trips to our sundae bar, AND you can take it TO-GO! Oh yes, this is the real thing. All we ask is you come grab lunch, brunch, dinner with us at our Boston FiRE+iCE and check-in via Facebook, Foursquare or Yelp.

Not only will you be making your friends and followers jealous with your check-in, you’ll also receive a dish deep enough to fulfill all of your sweet tooth needs, for free. Yup, we’re letting you create an ice cream creation and letting you roam with it. Sure, you can stay at our place and indulge, but why do that when you can explore? Take your free dessert and hit the streets. Chances are, your agenda isn’t too packed because you just had dinner, so walk off your meal while peeking into the shops and enjoying the fresh summer air.

Take advantage of the ice cream season while you can and get a little exercise too. Dawn your edgy dinner outfit and make your fellow pedestrians drool with ice-cream envy as you savor your free dessert. Did we mention all you have to do is check-in? I mean really… how can you pass this delicious opportunity to roam through Boston up? Don’t forget, that special someone you’re crushing on, probably loves ice cream and is dying to go on a date.

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