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Momma’s Kitchen

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As a college student, I love nothing more than a home cooked meal, but I can’t really have my friends over every weekend for Mommy’s spaghetti and meatballs.

Something about cooking for a dozen people doesn’t make her happy. Don’t ask me why. 😉

Getting a similar meal may not be difficult, but getting it at a good price is always an issue. Whenever we go to FiRE+iCE, my friends and I like to try and recreate our mom’s recipes, but using the fresh ingredients and sauces at hand.

Mind you, we are all college kids that have been living off dining hall food and indulging when we visit home. Our cooking skills range from placing takeout orders to pressing the buttons on the microwave.

To say our recipes are simple is putting it nicely, but hey that just makes this even better for you!

So here’s my suggested recipe for your next fire and ice meal.

Bowties + Meatballs
Fill your bowl with : meatballs , bowtie pasta, Parmesan cheese (yum) and our delicious marinara sauce.

Look Ma, I made a yummy meal and I didn’t even have to call you for help, or use Google. Taa Daa!

In the mood for something else?

Try our ..
Pulled Pork Sub
Chicken Picatta
Black Bean Mandarin Salad
FiRE+iCE Lasagna
Penne Con Pollo
Sweet Chili Chicken Burger
Spanish Paella

It’s not mommy’s kitchen on a Sunday night. Its better because I have my friends, my food and, of course, my cocktail. How can you go wrong with that?

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