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Taste Your City!

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Growing up, I enjoyed small-town perks. I lived in a no-name town literally in the woods, while also being near one of the restaurant capitals of the country (okay, this title may not be technically verified… But my town is deserving of it, I promise).  Because of this, we always had plenty of dining options when going out to eat…sometimes too many! There are still plenty of restaurants to this day that I haven’t tried.

To avoid this dilemma for many people, every summer my hometown hosted a festival in which each restaurant could showcase their delicious food to festival-goers! I was thinking about this festival the other day, and was curious if something similar existed in my new home base. Thus I present to you, the Taste of Anaheim.

On May 12th, 2016, the Anaheim Garden Walk will be hosting yet another Taste of Anaheim. Those who love food as much as I do, buy your tickets to the Taste of Anaheim ASAP! You’ll get to walk around and sample food and booze all day, along with participate in a Silent Auction, and appreciate live entertainment on top of it all. Naturally, we’ll be posted up and dishing you some of your favorite FiCE food straight from our grill. In fact, we’ll be keeping the fun going all night! Come by when you’re done for the day, and stop by our bar for the ViP after party.

Needless to say, you won’t want to miss this event. The only question that remains is this: How many plates of food can you hold in one hand?

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