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Chicken Picatta

 In Recipes

Have you ever wondered how to make Chicken Picatta at FiRE+iCE?  Heres  a recipe your Nonna (your Italian grandmother) would approve of:

-Chicken Picatta


-Lemon Slices

-Roasted Potatoes

-Picatta Sauce

The word picatta is used to reference the way this recipe is usually prepared. The meat is sautéed and served with potatoes and covered in what can only be described as heaven, or picatta sauce as it’s commonly known as. Picatta sauce is usually made of lemon, butter, white wine and on occasion garlic.

Next time you’re at FiRE+iCE try adding some extra vegetables to your chicken picatta. My favorite veggies to add are onions, mushrooms and spinach.

If you are in a seafood kind of mood opt for shrimp instead and I guarantee you will be going up for seconds.

Vegetertians and Vegans don’t think you can’t enjoy this delicious meal;  just choose tofu instead of chicken. Still glorious and filling!

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