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Tex Mex Fajitas

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Classic Tex Mex fajitas: Grab a BOWL! Go to the Market and add peppers, mushrooms and onions. Head over to the meat section to add Steak or chicken to your BOWL.

(FiCE Tip: Let the inner carnivore in you indulge by combining both steak and Chicken to your Tex Mex Fajitas.. OR follow the vegetarian path by skipping the meat and adding some delicious tofu to your selection.)

Head over to the sauce station and fill up a sauce cup with our fajita Sauce. Go to the Grill and watch your Fajitas sizzle. Warm Tortillas will be waiting for you at your table. ENJOY!

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  • Ronnee Peralta

    I really need to know the Fajita sauce recipe. My boyfriend and I went all the time to Fire + Ice in Livermore, CA. It is hands down our favorite restaurant until you guys got rid of the Fajita Sauce… We drove several hours to Tahoe for a vacation and had our anniversary dinner there only to find out our favorite sauce (the fajita sauce that made the entire restaurant and meal) was gone… If you guys could bring it back or somehow link me to a recipe, I’d be so happy!!!

    Thank you!