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Cake Balls! So Bad…But So Good

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Every summer we’re sure of what to expect: no school, more hours at work, long days at the beach catching a tan, and of course, the occasional cookout (where your expected to contribute to feeding a bunch of people you don’t even know).

We’ve all been to at least one cookout where we somehow stumble upon an odd looking dish of food. As you stare at the complex creation, you wonder if whoever made it, actually expects you to eat it.  Regardless, you never want to be the person at the cookout who brings food that no one eats.

My simple solution for easy cookout  food is to always bring the dessert. If you don’t know which dessert to bring, a recipe that will impress everyone’s sweet tooth and get everyone talking are cake balls. Yummmy!

What are cake balls you ask? Well, cake balls are the most delicious dessert ever and are pretty simple to make. Here’s a simple break down of what cake balls are:

  • Red Velvet cake (my favorite mmm…mmm) crumbled into a bowl
  • Combine together a sugar and cream cheese batter
  • Roll the batter into little balls
  • Chill and set
  • Dip each ball into melted chocolate (I don’t think dessert gets any better than that!)

Trust me, bring cake balls to your next cookout and you’ll be the talk of the party.

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