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Gearing Up For The Big Game

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The Super Bowl is around the corner and it’s going to be big one. Rematches of all rematches, the Patriots vs. the Giants. In case you have blocked this from your memory, the Giants ended the Pats perfect season in the 2008 Super Bowl with an unbelievable 83-yard drive, with 35 seconds left in the 4th quarter. New Englanders will forever be haunted by this dark day in American sporting history.

Now, with an epic rematch looming, New England is holding its breath for the Super Bowl that must be won at all costs. Most of America will be watching this epic rivalry play out on the big screen because tickets to the game at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis are nearly impossible to come by and are selling for between $2,000 (for the worst possible seats), and $500,000 for a luxury box.

So for us commoners who will be watching the game on the Big Screen, how can we maximize are viewing experience? First of all, Football is best enjoyed with good company so invite all your friends. Step two is also kind of obvious, stock up on food and drinks. Beer and football are an American classic so buy plenty. For food, you can always grab the wing platter at your local grocery store but if you want your party to stand out, there are a number of quick and easy recipes for guacamole or bean dip you might try. If you interested in taking it to the next level, try making your own spicy wings. They cook in under ten minutes and they are delicious. With food and beverage taken care of, that brings us to the next key ingredient for a superb Super Bowl viewing experience: The TV area.

Between the high-strung emotions and the combination of lots of beer and food, Super Bowl parties can get rowdy and messy. You may want to go through your TV room and remove the fine china and that weird paperweight you got from your grandmother as a graduation gift. You don’t need to strip the room and lay down plastic sheeting but anticipate a lot of activity and excitement. Also, there will be more people watching the game than you typically have at your house. Make sure you consider how many people will be attending when you organize the room. Guest will appreciate some kind of seating options even if it’s just the kitchen chairs moved into the TV area.

Hopefully, at this point you have your food and drinks ready, your TV room is prepared and the invitations are sent out. A few final tips for making this Super Bowl party great: Try to set up the food and drink in the TV room or as close to it as possible. This will allow your guests to stay glued to the game instead of having to get up constantly. Also, when the night comes to an end, you will be left with a bunch of either very happy or very disappointed, intoxicated football fans. Both are equally dangerous behind the wheel of a car. Try to organize some designated drivers ahead of time to keep your party and the roads as safe as possible.


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