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Eat Till You Drop

 In Table Talk

I adore shopping. Who doesn’t?

However, the only parts about shopping I dislike are looking at my credit card statements, crying over the unnecessary purchases I made, and the fact that I become so famished while shopping.

Fortunately, the hunger issue can easily be fixed. Malls are stacked with restaurants to get grub. Although, I’m not talking about “Micky D’s” or Auntie’s Pretzel’s – yes, they are quick fixes, but French fries and pretzels filled with cheese will only make me more depressed.

After a long day of shopping with friends, I like to take a seat and relax for an hour or so – and let’s not fail to mention that I will absolutely be sipping on a margarita.

FiRE + iCE’s largest restaurant can be found in the Providence Place Mall in Providence, RI. FiRE + iCE is centrally located near Kennedy Plaza, many historical hotels and walking distance to Johnson and Wales University, RISD, Brown University and Providence College. Perfect location for you and your compadres. FiRE + iCE opened this location in 1999, which seats up to 326 guests. So now you and your shopping buddies (that easily influence your shopping habits) can wine and dine after a long, laggard day of swiping that plastic. Don’t forget, on Monday nights, FiRE + iCE hosts ‘College Night,’ where with a valid college ID, dinner is only $9.95. We also feature a $1.99 Happy Hour Appetizer Menu. Amazing.

If you reside on the West Coast and are in the vicinity of the Shops at the Anaheim Garden Walk, you are in the danger zone! Kidding. Well, kind of. The shops here are amazing and the location is absolutely to die for. The FiRE + iCE restaurant in Anaheim showcases an incredible variety of fresh food, cooked on the open grill, in an invigorating atmosphere. The cool thing about this FiRE + iCE is that it features an expansive outdoor patio with a fire pit. So you and your friends can pow-wow outside and enjoy a superb meal. Or, you and the loved one can have a romantic evening and sip on the signature FiRE + iCE Blueberry Lemon margarita in the fresh, Anaheim outdoor climate.

Anyhow, all of this talk about FiRE + iCE is making me quite hungry. I’m going to grab a bowl. Until next time.

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