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Praise The Graduate

 In Table Talk

Graduating is one of the most memorable times in anyone’s life. I can assure you. I’ve been there, done that.

The hard work, all-nighters,  and cramming before exams, are over with. Now, let’s move along to the fun part: celebrating.

How do you plan on celebrating?  Well, FiRE + iCE would like to celebrate with the graduate and salute their accomplishments. And we promise, no textbooks required. Relax and enjoy the night at one of the best places to eat in Boston.

Invite your family and friends, come down and grab a bowl. Congrats to all!
Book your reservation now! Call…

Graduating in Boston: 617-482-3473
Graduating in Providence: 401-270-4040
Graduating in Anaheim:  714-808-9757

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