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FiRE + iCE Introduces Twelve NEW, Healthy Sauces!

 In Table Talk

Ladies and Gents, I have some “sauce-tastic” news for you. But quite frankly, I don’t think you’re ready for what FiRE+iCE has in store. While we have been one of the most fun and delicious establishments for the past 10 years, FiRE+iCE has decided to revamp their sauces and give customers tasty new flavors to blanket any meal. And the best part about each new sauce? They do not contain the unruly devil, high fructose corn syrup, and are made with all natural ingredients. Yum. I’m already salivating.

FiRE+iCE is so excited about these scrumptious sauces, that we are throwing a “Sauce Party” on May 24th to kick off the new variety of healthy sauces. Who thought sauces could be so cool? We want you, your friends and family to come on down, grab a bowl, and dip into the new succulent flavors.

Below is the list of FiRE+iCE’s new sauces.

WARNING: May envoke sudden urges to run to your local FiRE+iCE.

1.Greensburg Teriyaki  : Our dangerous Pacific Rim island blend of aged soy sauce, garlic, honey, pineapple & OJ. The perfect first date sauce. Should be at least 18 to try it!

2.Mesquite BBQ: A Southwestern classic with a sweet, smoky tomato & spices piquancy.

3.Hunan Shiitake: From Central China, spicy & sweet, full of succulent shiitake (black) mushroom chunks, a good hit of fresh ginger finished with the unique nip of Szechwan peppercorn.

4.Sweet Chili: Thailand’s classic BBQ/stir fry sauce. Sweet, garlicky with significant chili induced fire. Just grill and chill.

5. Marinara: A fresh tomato sauce from Italy, full of coarsely chopped plum tomatoes, garlic, pure olive oil and traditional herbs and spices. The sauce only your Nonna could make.

6. Szechwan: If you revel in a bit of sting to your pallet. A traditional Stir Fry sauce from Southern China; Aged soy sauce, rice wine, garlic & ginger accented by the aroma of sesame oil provides prelude to the mouth sting of chili.

7. Cantonese Sweet & Sour: For your sweet tooth. (Minus the hokey red coloring or Maraschino Cherries) A Hong Kong classic combining rice wine, tomato, pineapple, garlic and rice vinegar.

8. Ponzu. A Japanese classic finishing, dressing and dipping sauce for those that appreciate a delicate & subtle sauce. Citrus enhanced aged soy and sake (rice wine) with ginger & sesame oil make this perfect for vegetables, chicken & seafood.

9. Peppercorn/Brandy: If the flavor of pepper is what you’re cravin’, this slightly sweet & sour tomato enhanced sauce contains lots of multicolor whole peppercorns with a hint of French brandy.

10. Island Jerk: Ya mon, we’re takin’ you to Jamaica. This stuff is hot. Habanero peppers, onions, lime juice and traditional Caribbean spices marry to liven up your medley.

11. Red Curry: Thank you Thailand! Voluptuous creamy coconut, spicy, with lots of traditional ingredients including, lime leaf, lemon grass, ginger root, lime juice, shrimp paste & chilies. Allergy alert, contains shrimp.

12. Piccata: Classically Fiorentino, deliciously minimal. Lemon/butter & white wine with a good dollop of capers, a touch of garlic and black pepper. Totally yum with chicken and pasta!


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