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The First Date

 In Table Talk

The first date spot is a very, very important decision. As we all know, the first date sparks conversation about the person you are interested in – their likes and dislikes, facial expressions, what they like to eat, how they eat. All in all, the first date is the ice-breaker and the deal-sealer.

I never liked going on the typical “first date dinner.” Personally, formal restaurants freak me out. I like to be in an atmosphere that is fun and where I can act myself. Ironically, my first date with my boyfriend was at FiRE+iCE two years ago. We knew absolutely nothing about each other and I had known him for about 24 hours.

Sure, we had talked about going to restaurants that charged over $50 for an entrée and we even thought about cooking together at home for the first date dinner (I was quite hesitant about this idea since I only know how to make a tuna sandwich). We searched for places in Boston that were reasonably priced, fun, where we could “let loose” and laugh. The first spot that came to mind was FiRE+iCE. At that point, I had only been there once for my friends birthday, but we thought it was a great spot for the first date.

Onward we went to FiRE+iCE. Nervous and thinking about what topics I could chat about, we walked into the busy restaurant on a Friday night and were greeted by a fabulous hostess that led us to our table.

During the whole dinner we laughed and talked about everything possible. We munched on apps, filled our bowls multiple times and chatted with the chefs. We split cocktails and he even fed me my dessert. Now that’s a keeper. I felt like we were reenacting the scene from ‘Lady and The Tramp’ where the two dogs slurped up their pasta, which resulted in a smooch on the lips. He even gave me my first kiss outside the restaurant.

So, from that day on, I thank FiRE+iCE for helping seal the deal. We even went back for our two-year anniversary. The rest is history. And, if we do break up, I won’t blame FiRE+iCE. Pinky-promise.

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